Santa Claus is coming to town

The weather is getting colder every day, streets are being decorated with Christmas lights, your house fills itself with the amazing scent of the fresh Christmas tree and cinnamon spiced lattes are for sale on almost every corner, accompanied by creamy cupcakes and scones.

I just LOVE the holiday season and so… couldn’t help but make a new CHRISTMAS GRANOLA RECIPE to get that festive spirit as from breakfast on.

Think cinnamon spiced-, nutmeg-, gingerbread- and dried apple-granola! This mix has transformed itself to my December favorite and can be served at breakfast time or as a crunchy snack in the afternoon, topping some healthy yoghurt or delicious ice cream cup.

You can order the Christmas mix as from today on the Charlie Jades’ OUR MIXES or GRANOLA page. And what’s even more? Choose the holiday edition reusable jar and treat your loved ones on some amazing breaky’s to start of the new year.