Ola superMERCADO!

Food markets… Personally, I immediately shiver at the thought of balancing a cardboard plate on my legs whilst sitting on an uncomfortable bench. But at Mercado, the new culinary capital of Antwerp, my experience was a bit different. You’re offered nicely presented meals and a proper table where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner and have a talk, Pain Quotidien Communal Table – Style.

I present you: my favorite and most healthy food stands in this Antwerp hotspot! (and they’re even each other’s best friends J how cute)

The Juicery

Originated in Ghent, this juice bar is one of Model’s Kitchen Cesar Casiers favorites. One by one the juices are prepared with great care and the manager provides you with advice and assistance on choosing your favorite blend. You should definitely try ‘The Hangover’ by the way: delicious watermelon, lemon and fresh ginger.

Spoon & Co.

Only two steps further, you’ll find Spoon & Co., as a perfect complement to The Juicery. The signature salad is one of the most popular meals and I understand only too well why. The combination of paksoi, quinoa, seaweed, salmon, feta cheese, red beet and mango: Oh my!