Smart Sale Shopping Guide

Sales… Do you recognize the following scenario? You tended to go shopping for one specific item, but when confronted with so many attractable prices, you just couldn’t resist. Result: an empty bank account and loads of stuff you actually did not need at all. Well, I used to be one of these impulsive sale-buyers in the past, I plead guilty… But these days I do the necessary preparation by taking a close look at the trends of the upcoming season, see what new collection items I absolutely crave for and what discount items would be ideal to fill up the gaps in my new wardrobe.

As such, I present you MY SMART SALES SHOPPING GUIDE below.

Need some help for shopping at lower prices without spending a fortune on unnecessary items? I’ve got you covered, shopaholic!

My ultimate mix of old & new shopstoppers:

Pants, Ganni 179€ – Handbag, Anya Hindmarch 510€ – Wool Scarf – H&M 19,99€

Sale items: Faux Fur Mules, Zara 19,99€   –   BumbleBee Necklace, Juttu 27,95€

Soft cream jumper, last season COS   –   Marni Necklace, personal past investment piece 😉