Let’s get bananas!

I’ve been secretly working on some new recipes and more exciting news that will be coming up in the next few weeks. Being able to tell you all about it soon, literally renders me BANANAS

As such, I introduce you already to a new member of our Granola-family: THE LET’S GET BANANAS

This mixture offers you the ultimate breakfast crunch since it contains ORGANICALLY DRIED BANANA CHIPS and is flavored with some BIOLOGICAL VANILLA EXTRACT. Not convinced yet? Weight till you learn more about the health benefits of this potassium-packed fruit…


A banana a day keeps the doctor away, because:

  • it is known to be a healthy and instant energy supply
  • it supports our bone strength
  • it reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
  • it prevents ulcers to develop
  • it reduces depression and negative mood swings
  • it powers our brain
  • it releaves you from menstrual cramps (or at least, the female part of you 😉 )


So, have you got any reasons left not to order this granola mix? Didn’t think so either. Quickly browse to the “OUR MIXES” or “ORDER” tab above and get your ‘Early March Health Fix’ on your doorstep