Getting jiggy with tha figgy

Sunny mornings, Easter flowers popping up in the garden, chocolate eggs all around… Spring has officially started and we’re getting jiggy! The result of this positive vibe? A new mix of granola goodness… Yihaa! GETTING JIGGY WITH THA FIGGY!

The crunchy newborn contains a delicious mix of seeds, from sesame to pumpkin to sunflower or lineseeds, you name it. Topped with unsweetened dried figs, the granola won’t even ruin your pre-Easter fastings.

Try it now, because you don’t want “Figs after Easter”, right?

By the way… To celebrate the upcoming holidays, you can also ask for a special EASTER JAR, decorated with a little chicky on top or only 2 euros extra, which will be completely donated to the good cause of upcoming “Kom op tegen Kanker”.