A world full of flavours

A few weeks ago, I got the unique opportunity of joining an Islamic family in celebrating an Iftar Meal. For those of you who aren’t so acquainted with this culture, Iftar is also the first meal they consume after Ramadan fasting during the day. They use this moment to be grateful for the food they have after a day of deprivation and for everything that life offers them. More specifically, they thank Allah for the warmth of friends, family and loved ones. Doing so, Islamic families come together and celebrate with as many as possible. They invite people around and so I signed up to be invited to an Iftar evening as well. Not long after, I got a text from a lovely couple in Antwerp who were very excited that we would like to experience their culture in this regard and share in their gratitude. It became a lovely evening and I was more than once touched by the cultural tradition, but even more by the warmth that this couple had towards us.

I decided immediately that I had to do something with this connection we felt during crossing cultural bridges. As such, I asked the mother of the family of six if she was willing to share some of her favourite flavours with me and work together on a new granola mixture in honour of diversity. She immediately reacted enthusiastically and invited me to experiment with the diverse and exotic ingredients she had stocked in her kitchen cupboards. After many tastings (from my side, since Ramadan was still on), we are more than happy with the final result.

Hereby, I am extremely excited to present to you our little multicultural baby: DiverCITY Granola!

Antwerp has many different cultures living besides and we hope that many will follow us in crossing bridges between them and finding a connection that goes much deeper. As deep as our love for cooking and preparing delicious meals for our loved ones, for example.

DiverCITY contains the usual base of CharlieJade oats. But is supplemented with dates, poppy seeds, hazelnuts and secret oriental flavours, straight from Remzyie’s family tradition.

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Love and gratitude,

Your multicultural cooking team

Charlie & Remzyie