Delicious meetings


Imagine your next breakfast business meeting looking like this… Isn’t that the ultimate reason to jump out of bed in the morning and hurry yourself to the office?

Well, it’s MOTIVATION MONDAY, cause CharlieJade starts today offering healthy breakfast buffets to your company. For 9,50 euros per person, your team will be even more productive digesting this healthy and balanced meal. The buffet includes organic yoghurt, two of our granola mixes of choice and a whole bowl of fresh fruit salad. It will be served in neat bowls so all employees can choose the composition of their breakfast, but upon preference prepped jars or parfait containers can be delivered as well.

Convinced? Oh yes!

Note that the breakfast meetings can be customized to your wishes, going from lactose free yoghurt to glutenfree granola, so just let us know how we can serve you optimally. Contact by use of the contact sheet above or through email to ask for more information or place your order immediately using the link below!