strooiGOODness all around

Wie zoet is, krijgt lekkers…

Have you read the article about the lack of nutrients and specifically the amounts of sugar in the newspaper last week as well? Being a conscientious and loving parent, you probably have. Children’s corn flakes and breakfast cereals seem to score absolutely awful when it comes to their balanced and healthy diet. Packed with sugar and preservatives, not only these kids products are pretty misleading, just take a look at the back of your box of cereals and you’ll find out that the “healthy image” it creates is very often not at all true.

But what next? At one hand, you prioritize your health and that of your children, but on the other, supermarkets are getting stuffed with Sinterklaas chocolate, cookies and sweets… Not an easy balance, right?

Well, as a solution, CharlieJade launches strooiGOODness, a new granola mix inspired by the Saint and his festivities the 6th of December. Think: our usual tasty base granola, topped with mini spice nuts aka pepernoten and gingerbread flavours… What’s not to like?

Have you been good this year? Then hurry yourself to the MIXES page or use the link below to order your strooiGOODness fix…