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  • Healthy Spelty

    An amazing boost for a lighter body

    Without lecturing you about health and your organ systems, I’ll just share some of the body advantages this granola mix provides:

    • SPELT turns out to be more easily digestible as opposed to classic wheat
    • due to a different structure of the crops, SPELT has the advantage of being less gluten aggravated
    • SPELT has a higher amount of healthy fats and proteins to keep you satisfied until lunch time
    • by boosting your metabolism, HAZELNUTS combat obesity
    • HAZELNUTS contribute to a healthy skin and hair due to the high amount of Vitamin E
    • no alzheimer for you, cause HAZELNUTS offer a real brain boost
    • GOJI berries support the immune system and thus protect you from the flu
    • although your sweet tooth will be satisfied, GOJI berries alleviate insulin intolerance and lower your overall blood sugar
    • and well…. the red superfoods increase testosteron levels and as such improve your sexual fertility (now you’re convinced, right 😉 )

    Go to the “Our Mixes” page to have a closer look at this HEALTHY breakfast routine or order directly by clicking on this link


  • Great Granola
  • strooiGOODness all around

    Wie zoet is, krijgt lekkers…

    Have you read the article about the lack of nutrients and specifically the amounts of sugar in the newspaper last week as well? Being a conscientious and loving parent, you probably have. Children’s corn flakes and breakfast cereals seem to score absolutely awful when it comes to their balanced and healthy diet. Packed with sugar and preservatives, not only these kids products are pretty misleading, just take a look at the back of your box of cereals and you’ll find out that the “healthy image” it creates is very often not at all true.

    But what next? At one hand, you prioritize your health and that of your children, but on the other, supermarkets are getting stuffed with Sinterklaas chocolate, cookies and sweets… Not an easy balance, right?

    Well, as a solution, CharlieJade launches strooiGOODness, a new granola mix inspired by the Saint and his festivities the 6th of December. Think: our usual tasty base granola, topped with mini spice nuts aka pepernoten and gingerbread flavours… What’s not to like?

    Have you been good this year? Then hurry yourself to the MIXES page or use the link below to order your strooiGOODness fix…


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  • A world full of flavours

    A few weeks ago, I got the unique opportunity of joining an Islamic family in celebrating an Iftar Meal. For those of you who aren’t so acquainted with this culture, Iftar is also the first meal they consume after Ramadan fasting during the day. They use this moment to be grateful for the food they have after a day of deprivation and for everything that life offers them. More specifically, they thank Allah for the warmth of friends, family and loved ones. Doing so, Islamic families come together and celebrate with as many as possible. They invite people around and so I signed up to be invited to an Iftar evening as well. Not long after, I got a text from a lovely couple in Antwerp who were very excited that we would like to experience their culture in this regard and share in their gratitude. It became a lovely evening and I was more than once touched by the cultural tradition, but even more by the warmth that this couple had towards us.

    I decided immediately that I had to do something with this connection we felt during crossing cultural bridges. As such, I asked the mother of the family of six if she was willing to share some of her favourite flavours with me and work together on a new granola mixture in honour of diversity. She immediately reacted enthusiastically and invited me to experiment with the diverse and exotic ingredients she had stocked in her kitchen cupboards. After many tastings (from my side, since Ramadan was still on), we are more than happy with the final result.

    Hereby, I am extremely excited to present to you our little multicultural baby: DiverCITY Granola!

    Antwerp has many different cultures living besides and we hope that many will follow us in crossing bridges between them and finding a connection that goes much deeper. As deep as our love for cooking and preparing delicious meals for our loved ones, for example.

    DiverCITY contains the usual base of CharlieJade oats. But is supplemented with dates, poppy seeds, hazelnuts and secret oriental flavours, straight from Remzyie’s family tradition.

    ORDER your world of flavours NOW on the OUR MIXES page above and tell us what you think!

    Love and gratitude,

    Your multicultural cooking team

    Charlie & Remzyie

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  • UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: discover CharlieJade

    For all of you who want to discover more CharlieJade deliciousness: you get the opportunity to order a special DISCOVERY PACKAGE of granola. What’s not to like? Our 8 different flavors in a tiny bag or little weck pots, up to you!
    Available for order by going to the ORDER –> ORDER GRANOLA page as from SUNDAY,


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  • Getting jiggy with tha figgy

    Sunny mornings, Easter flowers popping up in the garden, chocolate eggs all around… Spring has officially started and we’re getting jiggy! The result of this positive vibe? A new mix of granola goodness… Yihaa! GETTING JIGGY WITH THA FIGGY!

    The crunchy newborn contains a delicious mix of seeds, from sesame to pumpkin to sunflower or lineseeds, you name it. Topped with unsweetened dried figs, the granola won’t even ruin your pre-Easter fastings.

    Try it now, because you don’t want “Figs after Easter”, right?

    By the way… To celebrate the upcoming holidays, you can also ask for a special EASTER JAR, decorated with a little chicky on top or only 2 euros extra, which will be completely donated to the good cause of upcoming “Kom op tegen Kanker”.

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  • Let’s get bananas!

    I’ve been secretly working on some new recipes and more exciting news that will be coming up in the next few weeks. Being able to tell you all about it soon, literally renders me BANANAS

    As such, I introduce you already to a new member of our Granola-family: THE LET’S GET BANANAS

    This mixture offers you the ultimate breakfast crunch since it contains ORGANICALLY DRIED BANANA CHIPS and is flavored with some BIOLOGICAL VANILLA EXTRACT. Not convinced yet? Weight till you learn more about the health benefits of this potassium-packed fruit…


    A banana a day keeps the doctor away, because:

    • it is known to be a healthy and instant energy supply
    • it supports our bone strength
    • it reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
    • it prevents ulcers to develop
    • it reduces depression and negative mood swings
    • it powers our brain
    • it releaves you from menstrual cramps (or at least, the female part of you 😉 )


    So, have you got any reasons left not to order this granola mix? Didn’t think so either. Quickly browse to the “OUR MIXES” or “ORDER” tab above and get your ‘Early March Health Fix’ on your doorstep

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  • Valentine’s Berry Mix

    February the 14th, I will be spending Valentine’s Day OBAMAself. But actually, I don’t mind. For me, Valentine’s Day is a day on which I think about the great friends I have, lovely people I get to meet every day, my family and am grateful to you as well. In the past 6 months, I have received lots of support, good feedback and orders from all of you and I cannot thank you enough for this!

    As such, I’ve created a special “Love mix”, a heartwarming granola, filled with dried red fruits and berries. From strawberries, to blueberries: will you share my love for this granola recipe?

    If so, this sweet breakfast mix is now open for order.

    PS: might be a fun gift for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day as well, no?


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  • Starting the year of right: new granola mix

    My mum was probably one of the first people who fell in love with my granola. Coming home from my student housing during the weekend, I would always experiment with new recipes I found online, in cooking books or just at midnight whilst not being able to sleep… The Fruits & Seeds mix was instantly mum’s favorite and she even treats herself from time to time by adding some extra dried fruits on top of her breakfast bowl. Since dried apricots in this regard will always render her very (h)Appy, I made this mixture especially in honor of my mum.

    The granola is maple syrup roasted, filled with pumpkin seeds, raisins and dried apricot. Like a ‘luxurious, pimped-up, chromed-out’ version of the Fruits & Seeds.. 🙂

    Also in for some New Years’ treat for yourself or your mum for instance? Order the new mixture online as from today, on the Charlie Jades’ OUR MIXES or GRANOLA page.

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  • Santa Claus is coming to town

    The weather is getting colder every day, streets are being decorated with Christmas lights, your house fills itself with the amazing scent of the fresh Christmas tree and cinnamon spiced lattes are for sale on almost every corner, accompanied by creamy cupcakes and scones.

    I just LOVE the holiday season and so… couldn’t help but make a new CHRISTMAS GRANOLA RECIPE to get that festive spirit as from breakfast on.

    Think cinnamon spiced-, nutmeg-, gingerbread- and dried apple-granola! This mix has transformed itself to my December favorite and can be served at breakfast time or as a crunchy snack in the afternoon, topping some healthy yoghurt or delicious ice cream cup.

    You can order the Christmas mix as from today on the Charlie Jades’ OUR MIXES or GRANOLA page. And what’s even more? Choose the holiday edition reusable jar and treat your loved ones on some amazing breaky’s to start of the new year.