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  • Comforting & Healthy work lunch on Monday, June 19

    Eating bread is not a crime! You just have to stick with the basic principle of choosing whole-wheat variations. And why not try a low-carb bread for a change? Next Monday, we will prepare you a healthier version of the classic gas station triangle sandwich.

    Think low-carb toasted bread, homemade beetroot hummus, feta cheese spread with herbs and cucumber slices!

    What’s not to like about that? Healthiness guaranteed since beetroot has the added advantage of lowering your blood pressure and boosting your stamina, keeping you energetic for the rest of your working day.


    €8 ( all orders will be finalized at 4pm on Sunday)


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  • Lentil Love

    Wicked and unexpectedly to be honest, our lentil salad had turned out to be one of the most loved dishes we’ve served thus far… As they say: never change a winning game, so we’ll treat you on a new twist on the recipe. Packed with proteins, the lentils will this time be accompagnied by mackerel, fresh & sweet apple slices, some greens and of course the popular homemade dressing on the side. 🙂

    But the good news keeps coming, my dear friend: exceptionally, you will be able to order the dish both on Monday 23 of January (orders should be in by 1pm on Saturday the 21st) and on Thursday the 26th (orders finalize at 1pm on Tuesday). PLEASE DO MENTION THE PREFERRED DATE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION ON THE ORDER SHEET, many thanks!

    Want to know more about the health benefits of lentils? Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you more about this amazing ingredient!

    Allergenes: contains lactose and traces of nuts, but it is an ideal dish for vegetarians and above all glutenfree.

    €9 (delivery as from 4 meals)

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  • Moroccan lunch salad

    Eating healthy when the outside temperature drops is not always easy, but this recipe surely is something different compared to that boring new-years-resolution plate of green leaves…

    A heartwarming couscous platter is one my favourite winter salads. The Moroccan inspired lunch bowl of couscous, roasted pumpkin, chickpeas and homemade fresh orange dressing is now open for order!

    Abu Dhabi Boys? Nooo… Next week (Monday 16) we’ll go for Abu Dhabi Bowls! 😉

    Go to the FOOD&DELI page or ORDER immediately

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  • New year’s health resolutions and supermarket salads: not a great match

    We all know the lunch salads of the supermarket too well: delicious, but unfortunately also super salty and filled with preservatives. Not exactly the kind of meal that will help us reach these new year’s resolutions…

    But hey there: no worries! The 11th of January, Charlie Jade transforms the classic pasta caprese to a new and more healthy version. Light mozzarella cheese, homemade pesto and a fresh coulis of naturally sweet cherry tomatoes, topped of with some basil leaves and rocket for a green spark to your dish.

    Get that Italian vibe next Wednesday!

    Go quickly to the FOOD & DELI page or ORDER directly

  • Great Granola
  • Starting the year of right: new granola mix

    My mum was probably one of the first people who fell in love with my granola. Coming home from my student housing during the weekend, I would always experiment with new recipes I found online, in cooking books or just at midnight whilst not being able to sleep… The Fruits & Seeds mix was instantly mum’s favorite and she even treats herself from time to time by adding some extra dried fruits on top of her breakfast bowl. Since dried apricots in this regard will always render her very (h)Appy, I made this mixture especially in honor of my mum.

    The granola is maple syrup roasted, filled with pumpkin seeds, raisins and dried apricot. Like a ‘luxurious, pimped-up, chromed-out’ version of the Fruits & Seeds.. 🙂

    Also in for some New Years’ treat for yourself or your mum for instance? Order the new mixture online as from today, on the Charlie Jades’ OUR MIXES or GRANOLA page.

  • Great Granola
  • Santa Claus is coming to town

    The weather is getting colder every day, streets are being decorated with Christmas lights, your house fills itself with the amazing scent of the fresh Christmas tree and cinnamon spiced lattes are for sale on almost every corner, accompanied by creamy cupcakes and scones.

    I just LOVE the holiday season and so… couldn’t help but make a new CHRISTMAS GRANOLA RECIPE to get that festive spirit as from breakfast on.

    Think cinnamon spiced-, nutmeg-, gingerbread- and dried apple-granola! This mix has transformed itself to my December favorite and can be served at breakfast time or as a crunchy snack in the afternoon, topping some healthy yoghurt or delicious ice cream cup.

    You can order the Christmas mix as from today on the Charlie Jades’ OUR MIXES or GRANOLA page. And what’s even more? Choose the holiday edition reusable jar and treat your loved ones on some amazing breaky’s to start of the new year.


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  • Cooking for charity!

    How ‘warm’ are you?

    As from this week: meals for charity by CharlieJade. Lunch, dinner or whatever: the dish of the week will always be posted on the Food & Deli page and on our social media.

    All you need to do is set the right amount of meals and press the Order button (minimum amount of 4 dishes, which you’ll reach easily when ordering together with colleagues)

    What we’ll serve you? As always, the dishes will be organic, super healthy and keep your weight balanced before battling those holidays.. I’ll make sure by the way that you can always heat up the meal to enjoy it at night by the way. Meal suggestions are always welcome of course.. 🙂

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  • Ooooh kom toch eens kijken!

    We are preparing some Sinterklaas surprises for a wonderful company in Antwerp that wants to treat their colleagues on some December 6th treats to thank them for their amazing work. (Not revealing the company though, my lips are sealed!)

    Are you still looking for a nice way to surprise your colleagues, husband, friends or so busy you’ve totally forgotten the Saint’s birthday next week for your kids? Don’t worry. Order before Sunday night using the Contact Sheet and tell me where I can help you with.  I’ve still got some treats in stock, but of course I will do my best to customize the sweet party as much as possible!


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  • Granola on the map: KNOKKE it is


    Next week your favourite mix will be delivered right to your doorstep, dear ‘Knokkenaar’!

    Order before Wednesday and pick up the granola at our seaside. This ‘aangespoelde’ is very happy to get in contact with you and hear all about your breakfast needs or desires

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  • Yihaa, ready for take-off!!

    After weeks of hard work and computer-irritations, I am very happy to present our very first website. As from now on, granola-passionates and healthy foodies like you, will be able to enjoy a more hands-on tool to place orders.

    You can find more information on the granola and possible dietary adaptations like wheat and lactose-free recipes on the GRANOLA page. To order one of our different mixes and to have a more detailed view on the ingredients, feel free to take a look at OUR MIXES or order your favourite recipe immediately using the ORDER sheet.

    But hey: the good news doesn’t stop here…

    As from now on, you can also request more made-to-measure catering, from birthday or festive cakes to healthy business lunches for your team. You can use the CONTACT sheet in the menu above in order to place your order. Together we can discuss upon your delicious meal. Happy to hear from you, as always!

    Last but certainly not least, we will provide you with some healthy recipes, inspiration on how to enjoy your granola in an original new way and so much more on a regular basis on the BLOG.